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Welcome To Rad Bikes
A lot of us here at RAD Bikes are parents, and we’ve always found it difficult to get bikes for our kids that are, for them, enjoyable, lightweight, and easy to ride.
We found some bikes to be OK, some pretty good in fact, but they were never spot on and as my 8-year-old says “like daddy’s bike”
So we decided we would design and build our own how we wanted it.
We wanted the geometry and shape of our bikes to be modern, to make our regular bike rides to be the best they could be.
Over the years, this has helped our little test riders progress the art of cycling and make it as fun as possible for them.
By testing each and every model of bike we offer on our own children, you can be assured that your children will be as happy as ours’s are!
So It’s our pleasure to introduce you to RAD BIKES

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